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Bryan is a local market real estate specialist serving the Greater Denver Metro area.  His passion for real estate developed over 30 years ago when his family started their own real estate business.  His professional background includes working in the banking, commercial real estate, escrow, title insurance and technology industries.  He also has experience in sales negotiations, sales management, coaching and leadership.

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Bryan is one of those people who is truly in this business to help and assist. Being that this was our first home, he was extremely insightful- guiding us through the entire process. He was very helpful in identifying steps and concerns, some which we would have never thought of. His patience with our decision making was key (we saw over 20 homes with him). We never once felt rushed to make a deal and Bryan was always up for pitching in his knowledge of the market when we made offers. He knows his clients well, so he has a good gauge on whether to speak up or whether to go with the flow. That said, we leaned on him very often and very frequently. He always managed to find the information we needed and/or got it to us in a very quick manner. If you are looking for someone to assist you that will be your right-hand man, please do not look any further. We owe this house and this amazing price to Bryan. He is a top notch agent and an even better person. ~ A. & A. Church